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Thomas Haycock Interior Design have been successfully helping clients love their home and work spaces since 2011. Directors Andie Haycock and Claire Thomas met through their shared passion for upholstery.

Claire Thomas and Andie Haycock

Claire Thomas

Andie Haycock


Claire Thomas

Claire’s love for design led her to take the bold step of abandoning a successful career in international management consultancy. Her gamble paid off: she was awarded an Honours in the Open Learning Diploma in Interior Design at the renowned KLC School of Design, achieving Runner Up Student of the Year.

The Diploma gave Claire a firm knowledge of all the key elements of interior design: colour, spatial planning, kitchen and bathroom planning, building construction, project management, environmental design, lighting design, window treatments, bed treatments and technical, freehand and perspective drawing.

In addition to her formal training, Claire brings skills and experience from her previous career. As an international management consultant, Claire has worked in cities including Paris, Barcelona, Sydney and London; this wide cultural background informs her design flair. Working on international projects, Claire was repeatedly commended for her strategic vision, attention to detail, project management and interpersonal skills. Colleagues also commented on her ability to stay calm under pressure. Claire now applies these skills and aptitudes to ensure smooth project and client management at Thomas Haycock.

Andie Haycock

A trained surveyor, Andie has nearly fifteen years’ experience in interior design, space planning and property refurbishments.

After completing an Honours degree in Building Surveying at the University of Brighton, Andie began her career at Haywards Surveyors in London. During her time there, she consolidated her theoretical knowledge by overseeing internal and external building refurbishments and taking responsibility for structural surveys, building specifications and contract administration.

Andie then moved to the Wellcome Trust, where she was an integral part of the management team overseeing the building of the Trust’s new headquarters. She worked with the architects on the interior design and liaised with the structural engineers, surveyors and suppliers to bring her deliverables in on time. Also responsible for the ongoing maintenance of the Trust’s buildings, she carried out numerous office refurbishments and space planning projects.

Andie brings her project management, contract administration, technical and design skills – as well as her enthusiasm – to each new project she encounters.